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Turbocharging Web Traffic for a Wiltshire Shopping Centre

Discover how Toolbox helped a Wiltshire-based shopping centre boost its web traffic by over 100% in just one month. With a savvy Google Search Advertising strategy, Toolbox surpassed expectations, turbocharging online visibility for the centre and its tenants.


The shopping centre was eager to adopt a new digital-focused approach to increase website traffic and enhance visibility for its diverse array of independent and niche retailers. With the challenge of doubling their average monthly visitor count of 894 within just 31 days, Toolbox was tasked with igniting the centre’s digital growth in record time.


Leveraging the power of Google Search Advertising, Toolbox devised a targeted plan that initially honed in on generic shopping-related keywords such as ‘Shopping Near Me’ and ‘Salisbury Shopping Outlet.’ This strategic approach was designed to reel in potential customers actively seeking local shopping experiences.


  • Increased website traffic by 120%, significantly exceeding the campaign target.
  • Generated almost 10,000 (9,473) impressions and 1,079 clicks to the centre’s website from Google Search Ads alone. 
  • Achieved an impressive 11.39% click-through rate, over triple the industry norm of 3.17%.
  • Attained an average cost per click of £0.14, significantly undercutting the industry benchmark of £0.96.
  • Boosted visits to the ‘What’s Here’ page by 28%, enhancing store exposure.

Next Steps:

To further optimise results, the next steps will involve refining the current strategy by integrating targeted keywords customised for store categories like Music, Days Out, and Health & Beauty. This approach is designed to guide visitors to dedicated landing pages, thereby maximising page views for each store while enhancing overall visibility.

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