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People, Place, Purpose: Ipswich Central

In today’s world, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) must have a strong B2B brand and powerful messaging.

We recently developed a new identity to tell the story for Ipswich Central for their 2022-2027 Business Plan to secure their fourth BID term.

The forward thinking team at Ipswich Central, were looking for a design agency, to really understand what they represent, and then translate that into the Business Plan for print and digital distribution.

There was a very clear brief; capture the values and purpose of the Ipswich Central team.

Key messages to be included:

We make stuff happen
We are established yet dynamic
We challenge expectations, aspiring to get the very best for Ipswich
We are open, trustworthy and approachable

How we did it

Social Media Management

Graphic Design / Branding

Web Design / PPC / SEO

Content / PR

Step 1 

A creative brainstorming session to really understand the team, vision ,values and purpose, getting under the skin of the project.

Step 2

Meeting the wider project team including board directors, PR team and copywriter.

Step 3

Develop the B2B identity (that won us the pitch against 7 other agencies!) to be used solely on the Business Plan and associated messaging, ensuring it was stand out, striking and communicated the vision in a thought provoking way.

Step 4

  • Draft 1.
  • Present.
  • Live with.
  • Check.
  • Query.
  • Amend.
  • Repeat.

Step 5 

(We won’t tell you how many drafts!) Team effort for proofreading, quality checking and ensuring that the print dummies were up to standard. 

Step 6 

A stunning and impactful 60 page square brochure was delivered to all BID levy payers on the 14th October.  It included a bespoke die cut to the front, a smooth luxurious feeling outer laminate and the required informative inserts, all delivered in a bright red envelope! 

The Business Plan has helped Ipswich Central break the mould of traditional BID Business Plans, setting a new bar for others in the future.

You can view the digital version here.


Paul Clement, Chief Executive, Ipswich Central 

I have received the final version of the new Business Plan and associated documentation this morning

Just to say, they achieve everything that we wanted and more. They are truly different to other BIDs, strategic and aspirational, and hugely impactful. They achieve my own, personal hopes that I would feel very proud of them and I know that the rest of the team and the Board feel likewise.

Great work from the Toolbox team. We made absolutely the right appointment.  You have been patient of numerous voices in the room, but we needed to get this absolutely right since its purpose is not just for a ballot but as a strategic document for the whole town for the next 5-years. Therefore, it really needed to be timeless and serve to inspire a wide audience. You have achieved this for us.

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