Places and Spaces for Women and Girls – Redesigning Urban Spaces

The Revo “Places & Spaces for Women and Girls” webinar recently brought together leaders and industry experts to discuss how urban design can better serve women and girls. Our Account Manager, Katie Chapman, shared her key insights and takeaways from the event, highlighting the need for gender-sensitive urban planning and the importance of creating inclusive spaces that foster a sense of safety and belonging for everyone.

Cities must adopt gender-sensitive strategies to create environments that cater to all genders. This includes gender-sensitive budgeting, designing urban extensions with a female perspective, and transforming areas perceived as unsafe into welcoming spaces.
Did you know that from research undertaken by Make Space for Girls, just 22% of girls thought their local parks were safe. By integrating crime prevention into urban planning it addresses areas where they may feel vulnerable.

This park in Bredang, Stockholm, shows how they have considered the need for the park to feel safe, therefore integrating it into the heart of the community. This then encourages girls to use the space that has been provided for them.

One of the key things to look at through the planning and design process is ensuring that we inject life, vitality and viability into urban spaces. It’s important to embrace the unique cultural, natural and spatial characteristics of each place, ensuring the urban design reflects and enhances local identities and fosters a sense of community and belonging.

Teenage girls often feel neglected and unsafe in public spaces. Engaging them directly in the design process ensures their specific needs and preferences are met. This includes talking to them individually and involving them in co-production of space designs.By creating inviting spaces, they become more welcoming, safer and inclusive.

In summary, by prioritising these principles, we can design cities that truly support and empower women and girls, fostering communities where everyone feels safe and included.

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