Illuminating Tomorrow: 5 Key Takeaways from Intuit Mailchimp’s From: Here, To: There Conference

The ‘From: Here, To: There’ Conference brought together leading minds in digital marketing and technology, offering crucial insights into the success of top digital marketing speakers. Our Digital Account Manager, Jamie, attended the conference and has compiled five key takeaways for the retail and leisure industries.

🔄 The Best Measure of a Business is Repeat Purchases

As stated by Rory Sutherland (VC at Ogilvy), focusing on building long-term relationships with customers is paramount – repeat customers are the best measure of success in marketing. In retail and leisure, this means creating memorable experiences that encourage visitors to return. Utilising personalised marketing strategies and loyalty programmes can help maintain ongoing engagement, ensuring that customers come back time and again.

⚡ Sweat the 1 Percent for Growth

Small, incremental improvements can lead to significant long-term growth. Steven Bartlett emphasised the importance of 1 per cent gains for businesses, stating that focusing on things your competitors don’t is a gateway to success. He also highlighted the power of A/B testing in every aspect of marketing and business, with one of his companies seeing a 350% increase in sales from a simple change through A/B testing. At Toolbox Marketing, we continually refine our marketing tactics, enhancing our campaign successes and driving footfall and web traffic to the destinations we promote. Over time, these 1% improvements accumulate, resulting in substantial benefits.

🤖 AI Won’t Take Your Job, But Someone Using AI Might

Mo Gawdat showcased the power of AI for the average marketer, stating that the integration of AI in marketing is no longer optional – it’s essential. AI can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour, optimise marketing campaigns, and personalise visitor experiences. By adopting AI tools and technologies, we can stay competitive and deliver superior results for our clients like never before.

🚀 AI is Accelerating Faster Than Any Technology in History

AI is transforming customer journeys at an unprecedented pace. For retail and leisure destinations, this means leveraging AI to predict customer preferences, enhance personalisation, and streamline operations. By staying ahead of this trend, destinations can attract and retain visitors, offering an unparalleled experience.

💡 Diversity Always Wins

A balanced marketing strategy that combines long-term brand building with short-term activation across various channels is crucial for success. Utilising a mix of digital marketing, social media, email campaigns, events, and more ensures we reach a broad audience and maximise the impact of our marketing strategies. Mark Ritson emphasised that diversity always wins in the marketing approach, helping to drive sustained growth and engagement for all businesses.


The insights gained at the ‘From: Here, To: There’ conference will play a vital role in how we help retail and leisure destinations thrive at Toolbox Marketing. By focusing on repeat business, incremental growth, and the strategic use of AI, we can enhance customer experiences and drive long-term success for our clients. Embracing a diverse and balanced marketing strategy will ensure we remain competitive and effective in a rapidly evolving landscape.

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