We had various ONE GREAT DAY’S!

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We had various ONE GREAT DAY’S!

Over 200 shopping centres across the country take part in the UK-wide annual charity fundraising day – One Great Day, including 14 of our centres.


What is ‘One Great Day’ we hear you ask?


One great day is an opportunity to raise money for charity and have a great day doing it! Communities and families from across the UK came together at their local shopping centre to get involved in a day of family fun and charity challenge – supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital and a children’s charity in the local area.


It was initiated by parents whose son received care at Great Ormond Street Hospital in 2014 and has so far raised over £850,000 for more than 330 different children’s health charities across the country.


One Great Day’s aim is to inspire, engage and empower the community to make a difference by getting involved in fundraising events.


Each year we help to organise various events for our clients, for One Great Day, as well as donating our time for free, with the sole purpose of raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital and a children’s charity in the local area. The events are family focussed so children can have a great day out, knowing that their donations can change another child’s life.


We held One Great Day in 14 of our places and raised a HUGE £6,393, which will go towards improving the lives of children being treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital.


This year’s events included magicians, face painting, meet and greets, a summer feté, jumble sales and much more…


We loved organising ‘One Great Day’ events at our places and cannot wait to host even bigger and better events in 2023!


Here are just a few of our favourites photos: