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The first East Anglian Beer and Cider Festival in a Cathedral

By kind permission of the Dean & Chapter, the relaunch of the 29th East Anglian Beer and Cider Festival will take place in the Cathedral, Cloisters and Garth in Bury St Edmunds. For six days in August 2021. the St Edmundsbury Cathedral will host over 200 real ales, 4* ciders, food stalls and come alive with a sound stage and full entertainment programme.

Toolbox Marketing continued to provide the following services for the 2021 Beer and Cider Festival:

  • Social media promotion (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Studio time; update all creatives with this year’s date; logo, social media banners plus fun creative story and moving GIF posts celebrating 30 years!
  • Management and design of the website from February until June 2022
  • Management of the digital competitions
  • Management of e-flyers
  • Budget management


Key stats:

  • £30,000 profit made (+16% above the target)
  • 5,805 festival visitors (+14% above the target)
  • +114.7 new Facebook followers YOY
  • +43.3 new Instagram followers YOY
  • +195.2% website visitors YOY