Since the coronavirus pandemic began, consumer behaviour has changed, with more shoppers seeing their local food shops and independent businesses in a new light.

Support for independents soared and communities showed their value in terms of their unique offering, first-rate shopping experience and convenience for the customer.

A solution was needed to help encourage additional footfall to town centre and high streets. Offering a place where the community can come along and eat, drink, taste, shop, socialise, relax, watch, listen, enjoy, discover locally.

Something that is more than a generic market and that brings independent makers, visitors & performers together.


We helped launch a range of local unique markets to town centre’s that showcase handmade products from local communities.

They are makers, creators, designers, inspirers, producers, supporters, patrons, participants, consumers, enthusiasts that either have a long-standing independent business or launched during Lockdown 2020.


Vegan Market, Elwick Place, Kent

Calling all vegans! We partnered with local company Kent Food Hubs to bring Ashford an outdoor market that showcases local independent, vegan, friendly artisans, traders, makers and small businesses in Kent. Whether you’re are a committed vegan or just looking to try vegan, the community can come along to embrace and enjoy some seriously good Kent produce.

Arts, Crafts & Locally Made, Swan Centre, Surrey
On a monthly basis, the Surrey community can visit a popular monthly craft market full of products from talented local independent designs and makers.

Maker’s Market, Park Mall, Kent
The Made In Ashford monthly market offers a range of stalls, showcasing fantastic creations made by local traders and business owners, bringing in footfall from the outer town.