Placemaking at Kronen, Copenhagen

The Challenge

A new mixed-use scheme, which was to be the new town centre of the up-and-coming Copenhagen suburb of Vanløse, required an experienced strategic marketing specialist to assist in developing the brand and communications from day one through the opening and beyond.

A failed attempt by the previous owner to develop the scheme had left a lot of negativity.

The Solution

The launch of a new centre started two years before opening. Its success was much more than awareness building and entertainment.  This is an example of how placemaking can be used to link people to places, build community and grow a distinct brand.

Therefore two years of placemaking engaged the local community, made them feel very much a part of this new place yet created wider appeal for the many commuters passing by the centre every day.

The result was outstanding engagement, positivity and excitement from start to launch, exceeding all expectations.

Toolbox Marketing worked closely with the development, architectural, asset and leasing teams to deliver:

  • Placemaking strategy and implementation
  • Positioning strategy
  • Brand story
  • Name
  • Identity
  • Brand building
  • Pre-Launch and Launch
  • Ongoing marketing strategy and 360-degree implementation

Our international strategic team worked with local research partners to define a clear position for the centre on which to develop a strong, differentiated brand.  The early placemaking strategy set the foundations for building positive relationships with stakeholders, the community and future shoppers.

The audience grew in the first two years of the centre’s development and achieved over 90% positive dialogue on and offline.  When the centre launched in October 2017 it was a huge success and continues to be engaged and outsourced marketing for the scheme.

The How:

An oasis in the city where good folks like to meet, shop and live was created.

Vanløse – fashion, food and soul.

Name & Identity

Our highly experienced naming team worked with Danish creative partners through many workshops and insight-driven activities to take this and create a unique name and identity.

Brand Book

We created the story which has become the DNA for the Kronen Vanløse brand told in a book used by all those who work to deliver the place and brand.


We developed a creative line for communications from pre-launch through to the first year of the centre’s life, then evolved this to suit the growing brand.

18 months before opening we carried out open but managed community relations and dialogue in the spirit of placemaking to set great foundations for the start of the centre’s life.

The Grand Opening

We designed, planned and implemented an opening day packed with activity which saw over 40,000 people flood into the centre on the first day and have continued to run a rich programme of exciting and popular events and experiences

  • Vi er Vanløse (We are Vanløse) placemaking brand with Facebook page
  • Consultation with key stakeholders (local authority, community council, business owners, interest groups, press)
  • Supporting, and being involved with,  community groups and events
  • Polls, competitions to test ideas, involve and engage shoppers
  • Focus groups testing the name
  • Competition celebrating local talent and diversity with local clubs and interest groups
  • “Kronen makes you smile” random acts of kindness
  • Supporting town events and community groups

Make it Measureable

Objective Result
Build relationships with community groups Kronen is connected with all key community groups, many involved in the opening and in ongoing centre activity
75% positive sentiment c. 90% positive sentiment
(PR and social media)
Footfall of 40,000 on opening day 42,000
Sales targets met for 75% of tenants on opening day Over 90%
PR EAV of €100,000 in month leading up to launch €127,788 across print and digital channels
(12 Sep – 12 Oct 2017)
Facebook audience growth +10% in week leading up to launch day +20.3%
(5-12 Oct 2017)
Instagram audience growth of +10% in week leading up to launch day +135.3%
(5-12 Oct 2017)
5,000 Social media engagements in week leading up to launch day 6,178 social media engagements on Facebook & Instagram
(5-12 Oct 2017)
500,000 Social media reach in week leading up to launch day 651,347 social media reach on Facebook & Instagram(5-12 Oct 2017)
Data collection of 500 customers during pre-launch and launch activities 4,042 app downloads2,675 app registrations and data collected

(29 Sept -12 Oct 2017)

80% usage of tenant communication app – Kronen Mallcomm 92.5% of stores signed up and using Kronen Mallcomm