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Launching a shopping centre which was a second scheme to open in town that year, Nowy Rynek, Jelenia Góra.

The Challenge 

Nowy Rynek was launched in November – a cold and rainy month. It was launched shortly after the opening of the competitive gallery. The city of Jelenia Góra (79,000 inhabitants) that had no shopping centers previously suddenly gained two in one year.

The main goal was to increase the footfall in the mall, with an emphasis on the first floor. Giving clarity and strengthening the image of the gallery as a fashion place where it is pleasant to shop. Presenting the New Market Square as an attractive place to spend time also for families with children, despite the lack of a recreational offer or an extensive gastronomic offer. Use of the potential of the car park on level + II. Moving the gallery to the leading position in Jelenia Góra.

The Solution

The agency was responsible for strategy development, creative, social media, PR, and events. 

The launch was very successful and attracted the number of clients higher than expected. Opening events revolved around the main theme of Guinness World Records Live which was organised with the GWR international team.

The How

In this project, Toolbox Marketing was responsible for:

  • preparation and implementation of a new 360 strategy
  • media
  • creations
  • events
  • social media
  • identity
  • PR

Galeria Handlowa is not only a place for shopping, it is also a place to spend time, a place where different cultures and communities meet, and a place with positive impressions and emotions. 

The international Toolbox Marketing team has been working on market research to create a diverse brand and methods of engaging the local community in such a way that they feel part of a place that is in the heart of their city.

However, we have also not forgotten the tourists from the Czech Republic and Germany, who visit the Karkonosze in large numbers and are clients of the Nowy Rynek shopping center. We have created a place with a pleasant atmosphere for shopping from a rich fashion offer, but also one where something attractive always happens in Jelenia Góra.

We conducted focus groups that supported the preparation of the new strategy. We proposed a creative line which, thanks to its transparency and simplicity, has become noticeable in the region and in the city flooded with billboards. 

Through numerous larger and smaller events, we made sure that customers had more reasons to come to Nowy Rynek. We made people from the region, as well as tourists, aware that Nowy Rynek is an interesting place, with a good shop offer and a nice and friendly atmosphere. We used the potential and spread the existence of the car park on level II by organizing numerous events there, such as SUMMER CAR CINEMA, TUNING CAR RALLY, CULTURAL EVENTS, CAR ZONING

We expanded the offer for families with children by creating a children’s club called AKADEMIA RYNUSIA. Regularly, several times a month, children with the mascot of the RYNUSIEM gallery participated in free educational and creative activities. For the participation in the classes, children received stamps and diplomas in passports prepared especially for this occasion. At the end of the spring-summer or fall-winter season, we drew the main prizes, for example in the form of birthday organization in the FUN PARK zone on level I in Nowy Rynek. We also raised the level of special events for children by using only licensed events such as PAW PATROL, PEPPA PIG, TRANSYLVANIA HOTEL, PJAMERSI, MASZA, AND BEAR.

We conducted regular meetings together with thematic workshops for women. WOMEN’S ZONE events are talks with industry experts, it is a beauty and spa zone, it is a women’s business zone, it is a zone of psychological advice, but also a zone of relaxation. WOMEN’S ZONE was no longer just the place where we operated, it was a kind of community with a very wide group, which identified with the New Market Square.

We have also permanently entered the Christmas Market and Wedding Fairs in the calendar of events in the New Market Square, which we organized with the main involvement of the local community, industry experts but also in cooperation with tenants. They enjoyed great recognition and positive response among customers

In order to reach tourists as well, we communicated a rich fashion offer at attractive prices on outdoor media, sales, and main events, promoting our unique brands at the same time. We also published the Nowy Rynek Lifestyle Magazine where we presented the entire sales offer and interesting information about the Karkonosze region. We distributed the magazine in hotels, guesthouses, holiday complexes, RB&B, service points, restaurants, and distributors in the gallery. We supported all activities with communication in social media and on, press releases, BTL materials, radio campaigns, advertising on the Internet, and on the best local portals.