Elwick Place ‘Chill Lounge’

The outbreak of COVID-19 saw an increase in one-stop visits and a decrease in dwell time.

Our ‘Chill Lounge’ campaign needed to encourage visitors to want to increase their dwell time spent at Elwick Place, which in return, will help increase tenant spend.

Full of upside-down ice cream cones and ice lollies, we installed a seating area that was a BIG hit during summer 2021.

We offered the perfect place to catch up with friends, have some ‘you’ time after a workout or simply enjoy some downtime after food dates at Elwick Place eateries.

We provided wooden benches with branded umbrellas for those who needed a little bit of shade when the sun was shining as provided weekly live music from local company Revelation Ashford.

The Elwick Place Chill Lounge also included a competition element, partnering with Ashford College, to further support and add a digital element while, providing visitors with the perfect Instagram photo by sharing a photo in our giant deck chairs!


The Chill Lounge proved to be a very popular, successful summer-long campaign that helped increase footfall, dwell time and digital engagement.

With a lot of positive PR coverage to support and link ups from other local businesses, this umbrella theme as a campaign demonstrated a great use of existing space.