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Maternity cover for Grand Arcade, Cambridge


We were invited to cover the maternity leave for the Tenant Liaison Officer at luxury shopping destination Grand Arcade in Cambridge city centre. The role required someone to work onsite to undertake a range of retailer liaison and digital responsibilities while the existing team member was on maternity leave. The role was originally for 9 months but was extended to 13 months.


Our Account Manager, Nicole, was based at Grand Arcade bi-weekly, enabling her to form strong relationships with store managers and the centre team. She quickly became part of the Grand Arcade family, rather than just the agency representative.

Due to the regular contact with the tenants they were keen to get involved in digital content, competitions and events.

By implementing a structured social media strategy, Toolbox Marketing were also able to maximise social media advertising and focus digital content according to the social media platform.

Through the strong tenant relations role, Toolbox Marketing encouraged cross promotion that featured a number of tenants through flatlay photoshoots. Not only did this receive high engagement, but showcased the centre stores versatility and variety.

We were also able to arrange digital competitions to help drive engagement and awareness. Tenants were more than willing to provide us with competition prizes which was great!

In addition, we compiled monthly marketing and retailer reports – allowing the retailers to keep up to date with our marketing plans and ongoing digital presence.


Key stats:

+41.3% Instagram Followers YOY
+3% Twitter Followers YOY
+6.6% Facebook Followers YOY
Over +100% Social Media Engagements YOY
Over +100% Social Media Impressions YOY
70% of retailers got involved with the flatlay photoshoots
40% of retailers got involved with competitions
85% of retailers got involved with content

”We worked with Toolbox for more than a year to cover a maternity leave. They took the time to understand our needs and to find the ideal Account Manager for us. Nicole worked closely with me on the social media and website content to promote our centre and every single of our retailers”.

”She also helped with the digital communication surrounding all our events. I was very impressed by her professionalism and her dedication from day one up to the handover. She literally became part of the team and I couldn’t expect better colleague”.

”Her creative mindset, enthusiasm and energy were so helpful and refreshing. She was always going the extra mile to support our retailers in their digital communication and the results speak for themselves. We considerably increased the number of posts and engagement on our social media, and our retailers were delighted by her responsiveness and visits on-site”.

”Thanks again for this amazing collaboration”.

Julie Kervadec
Marketing Manager