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‘Bardfest’ music festival


Bardfest is an annual music festival in the village of Bardwell in Suffolk where the Toolbox office is located.  The village might be small, but the festival is big on the Suffolk music scene with tough competition in close proximity. 

We have been working with the organisers of Bardfest for over 10 years delivering marketing and PR services on a shoestring budget to generate ticket sales.  

The festival runs over 2 days and has an average attendance of 3,000 on the Friday night and 5,000 during the day on the Saturday.

After two years ‘on hold’ because of COVID restrictions we have recently given the brand a refresh to bring it up to date with how big the festival has developed.   What was once a small village event with local bands is now a large festival with chart topping bands that attracts a much wider audience. 

The client requested to go down a bohemian theme, with a strong brand, which would appear more obvious as a festival, as well as appealing to everyone, from families to current festival goers. 


With music, arts and entertainment for all ages, the brand needed to appeal to a large demographic. We introduced a bright colour palette along with vector illustrations, linked to a fun and playful, bohemian style. 


Key stats: 

  • Over 8,000 tickets sold for a 2 day event 
  • 53% tickets sold within first month of tickets going on sale 
  • Tripled instagram followers in just 3 months 
  • Doubled engagement across all social media channels 
  • OTS (advertising reach) around  1.5 million