A community campaign with Colchester BID

The outbreak of COVID-19 saw the temporary closure of the majority of Colchester town centre. The community had been affected in many ways by the social distancing restrictions and the morale was low. 

Our Colchester BID wanted a campaign to raise the community spirit in Colchester and to provide a COVID safe platform to bring everyone in Colchester together during these unprecedented times. 

Inspired by the European trend of ‘Love Lock Bridges’, where couples declare their love by writing their names on padlocks and then fixing them to bridges as a symbol of their love.   

We created giant wooden letters to spell out ‘IN COLCHESTER’ the BID’s consumer facing brand and placed the letters around Colchester town centre.   The Colchester community were then invited to fix a padlock to the letters. 

The messages on the padlocks weren’t just declarations of love, but of thanks too.  Thanks to NHS staff and key workers as a whole and thank you’s for specific people.  The locks were a way for people to show their love and gratitude for the fantastic people in Colchester.  

The letters then became a community piece of art that attracted people to the town and a representation of the community spirit in Colchester. 

Each letter was bespokely made to match the brand font, with wire mesh that padlocks could be fixed to and with weighted bases so that once in place throughout the town centre they could not be moved or knocked over. 

During one of the most difficult times in our history, Kim project managed the ‘Lock it With Love Campaign’ for Our Colchester BID.  The campaign aimed to  bring the community together and to share their thanks to key workers, NHS staff and loved ones.  By providing top class expertise, knowledge and a great attitude, this campaign was a success.

Kim was a pleasure to work with and I can highly recommend Toolbox Marketing to anyone who needs support in their projects or marketing.