Toolbox does Tree Week!

To acknowledge the environmental initiative Tree Week, the Toolbox Team has spent the week picking up their tools!

At the end of last year, we attended a conference with a QR code and the promise that each scan would plant a tree. On Tuesday this week, we delivered that promise and planted another tree for every staff member. This ended up as a donation of £250.00 which plants a total estimate of 50 trees. Signing up via Worldland Trust, the trees will be planted in Madagascar to assist with local deforestation issues. 

On Wednesday we began a team Tree App initiative. This app is free to download and grants users the ability to watch an advert a day in exchange for funding a tree. One of our team has been doing this and has successfully funded over 400 trees already and now it is a Toolbox policy. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, when most of our team is in the office, we are going to all take part in using this app to fund more tree planting! 

Toolbox is lucky to be situated in the beautiful countryside of Suffolk and while some of our team were out walking on Thursday we decided to appreciate nature more. We captured images of our local area around the office to inspire us to take moments away from our screens to be grateful for the nature around us.

Fluid branding plants a tree with every order that we place. Therefore we have decided to make an effort to place orders with them where we can, they even have eco-friendly products which we intend to use and promote more to our clients!

Tree week isn’t just about the one week in April, it is about the pledges we make going forward to care more about our environment and pave the way for a greener more sustainable future.

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