We’ve been ROARing into our places this summer

The school holidays are often met with a mixture of excitement and dread by some parents. With bills on the rise to eye-watering amounts, it’s no wonder some parents feel a certain type of WAY when thinking about how to entertain their little ones for six long weeks. 

Here at Toolbox Marketing, one thing we know is how to help our clients give back to the community with FREE, fun packed events and activities for all ages!

This summer, to celebrate the release of Jurassic World Dominion, we have jumped on the Jurassic trend to generate some ROAR-some activities for our clients this summer by putting on a string of events and campaigns in true Jurassic style! 

From dino-trails and finding fossils to creating your own dinosaurs out of recycled materials and meeting some real life Dino-friends – we know how to get down with the kids through our successful events! 

See below examples of the creative artwork for the Idlewells Shopping Centre, Park Mall, Swansgate Shopping Centre, and Castle Quarter.