A ‘greener’ shopping experience

Over the past 20 years, the retail industry has strived to become more sustainable, in a bid to save our environment and more widely, the planet. Going ‘green’ is the way forward for us all and our purchasing habits can also provide an environmental burden; which can be reduced if everyone makes the effort.

Green shopping involves buying ‘smart’, here are just a few examples of some useful ‘green’ shopping tips:

  • Is what you are buying necessary?
  • Buy things that can be reused, not things that are disposable.
  • Look for products that have less packaging or buy in bulk.
  • Share with friends
  • Look for energy-efficient items 
  • Look for the recycled logo
  • Buy refill later options 
  • Buy sustainable products, where possible
  • Buy locally made or grown food, where possible

Our clients too are always looking to do their best to be as green as they can where possible, which includes through events! See our latest example below at Lower Precinct Shopping Centre when we educated children in the community of the importance of our environment through our ‘Eco-Easter’ event!

Written by Charlotte Russell.