Facebook for business: everything you need to know

It’s hardly surprising that any business could benefit from having a Facebook presence, given that it has more than 2.91 billion users on a monthly basis.

Facebook’s Meta platform offers small businesses many ways to promote their services, increase customer relationships, and boost sales and recognition.

The benefits of creating a Facebook Page for your company, is that you can use it to do the following:

    1. You can list your business’s basic contact information. – If someone is wondering what your phone number is, what time your shop is open or your address this is handy, a Facebook Business Page is a one-stop shop for listing all of this information.


    1. Engage new and longtime customers. – Your customers sometimes can’t see everything or what goes into the running of your business, a Facebook Page is a great place to post shots from behind the scenes and build relationships.


    1. Know your audience. – You’ll have access to audience insights and demographics, so that you can really understand who you are targeting and who’s listening. You can then use the data provided to better target your campaigns.


    1. To lessen marketing costs. – Many Facebook marketing and analytics features are either free or inexpensive. Having a Facebook business page is a savvy way to reach more people – potentially an audience of billions – on less money.