“10 things I love about Toolbox” by Chloe Keith

This time, 10 YEARS AGO, was my first day at Toolbox Marketing.  I can remember being extremely nervous, remember my carefully planned outfit, and remember not going for a wee all day as I was scared I’d get locked in the toilet – the key still scares me!!!

Fast forward 10 years, and what a rollercoaster of a journey it has been, one I would not change for the world.  So I thought I’d shout about the 10 things I love about Toolbox Marketing the most.  

1 The people

Toolbox Marketing is very much a family of like-minded individuals – focussed yet fun – doing what they love to do, always striving to be the best they can be, with a love of pink, fizz, food and shopping! “We are family, I got all my sisters with me” 

2 Our clients
Toolbox Marketing wouldn’t be what it is without our clients.  Full service, retainer-based or project focussed, each client counts and makes agency life a flurry of planned (and unplanned!) activity, all delivered in partnership with objectives at the heart of what we deliver. 

3 Being creative

The weirder the better! I love the flexibility and trust to come up with a creative idea that really packs a punch and gets noticed.  

4 Challenges
Life at Toolbox would be boring without challenges, and we’ve had plenty thrown our way! I love tackling them head-on individually or as a team #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

5 Learning 

They say ‘every day is a school day’ and it really is, especially when it comes to marketing.  I love learning something new and putting it to good use or sharing it with the team, with a client or with my wider network. 

6 Opportunities

I have taken each and every opportunity presented to me, whether it has been from Michelle Buxton (there are not enough thank yous!) a client, a contact.  I wouldn’t have said I was an ambitious person 10 years ago, but now I thrive off opportunity. 

7 Variety

No 2 days are ever the same! I love the variety of tasks and projects on my carefully organised and colour coordinated to-do list.  I have never been bored at Toolbox, that’s for sure. 

8 Freedom

I love the freedom I have in my role as Managing Director (still feels weird saying that!) and I only have Michelle to thank for that.  Freedom has allowed me, the team and the company to grow and adapt and I’ve loved watching that over the last decade. 

9 Travel

Toolbox gave me the travel bug.  I love visiting new places up and down the UK, and once upon a time, in Europe before the pandemic.  Seeing new places for the first time and people-watching to get to understand the place is one of my favourite things to do.  I definitely see things differently because of Toolbox. 

10 Vision
Making a vision come to life is something I just love to do at Toolbox – whether it’s mine, Michelle’s, the teams or a clients’ – the magic of marketing, a dream team and ambition all make it happen on a frequent basis. 

There is one thing I HATE about Toolbox Marketing though … the hangovers! I can attribute some of my worst hangovers to Toolbox events.  But long may they continue! 

Here’s to Team Pink and whatever the future holds! 

Written by Chloe Keith