Graphic Design trends 2022

Let us all wish farewell to 2021, as we embark on a new year, a year we hope is full of positivity for all. The design world is ready to look back on the last 60 years as we reflect on our childhood memories of comfort and happiness. With the help of this infographic from 99designs we look at the trends for the year ahead.

This really is a trip down memory lane for me, with 90s nostalgia at the forefront of my mind. From retro internet frames, vibrant colours, bubble font, and Memphis design patterns. A memory of happiness and a time that seemed calmer. Although I really do hope this trend doesn’t come with dial-up internet – I’m not sure anyone is ready for that!

Everywhere we look, we are seeing more sustainable products replacing their traditional counterparts. The new year will continue to embrace the change of a more eco and sustainable lifestyle, with a high desire from consumers for a more personal touch. But love or hate the idea, the world will continue to become more digital. Helping mix the old with new, doodles, anti-design, and escapism, will bridge the gap and bring future lifestyles together as one.

Expressive lettering will lead the way in 2022, as we can no longer rely on words to convey messages in an online and global world, this will provide a great opportunity for designers to embrace and push the boundaries of legibility within lettering, to create expressive forms in and of themselves. 

Everything old and retro is new again! People want familiarity and comfort mixed with minimalism—life was overwhelming pre-pandemic. People want to slow down, reflect and have fun

– Joanna Alves, Creative Manager, Product Creation and Experience at Vista

What trend are you most looking forward to? Let us know here!

Written by Daniella Sharman