Let’s have a Great Day!

Here at Toolbox Marketing, we have a long-standing history of helping our clients create some magnificent One Great Day events and campaigns, but most importantly – raising money for a worthy cause.

One Great Day is a charity which operates across the UK where a fundraising day takes place with the aim of raising money and support for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity as well as a local children’s charity close to the heart of each scheme. 

The name One Great Day stems from the events taking place which are designed to give people the best day possible! Shopping centres across the UK have the opportunity to creatively come up with ideas to raise money and drive charity awareness. Established in 2014, One Great Day has already raised over £750,000 for more than 220 different children’s health charities across the country!

We have run various creative events in the last few years that continue to raise money, make our customers smile and have a GREAT day doing it! Some of our most successful events included a Star Wars day that was out of this world, a toy-tastic Toy Story themed event, a day all about sandcastles and even a brick-mania madness event! 

We look forward to this September to show you how we will be making our towns smile for One Great Day 2021. Here’s a sneak peak of a few events we have coming up!

What’s in the Square, Culver Square

Animal Adventures, Arc Shopping Centre

Harrow Town Fete, St. George’s Shopping Centre

Swansgate’s Treasure Trail, Swansgate Shopping Centre