‘Freedom Day’, as it’s known, is just a stone’s throw away!

I have thoughts in my head of us all entering a shop without a mask, hugging all of our friends and family again, and even dancing the night away in a club. All of which seemed a thing of the past with no return, but Freedom Day is our chance to get back to normal… but will things ever really go back to normal?

Throughout the pandemic we have noticed rapid changes in consumers’ habits, shopping online boomed, and convenience shopping has become more of a requirement, meaning individual shops and shopping centres have had to work harder, and think outside of the box to get consumers back in store. 

Experiences, interactions and events are becoming more desired by consumers. Shops are becoming more than just products on the shelf, but instead, are encouraging consumers to stay in their shops a little longer whilst providing an experience.

Nike, for example, has opened a new store which is essentially an activity centre where sports and fitness fans can go and hang out. Ultimately, it is still a retail destination but it allows customers to try out the products on sale in the way they intend for them to be used.

(Image source: businessinsider.com)

Combining the world of digital with physical, through instagrammable walls and TikTok rooms, are also helping bring extra experiences to places. TikTok, Instagram and many other social media platforms have become very influential with consumers even more so throughout the last year, quickly informing viewers where and what to buy. With that in mind, Westfield London has opened the UK’s first TikTok pop-up!

Harita Shah, the marketing director for UK events at Westfield’s parent company Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, said: “TikTok has become a cultural phenomenon. It’s where many of our visitors are getting their inspiration from, whether that’s fashion trends, the newest home styling influencer or foodie fads.

“Having a physical space at Westfield London gives TikTok the chance to immerse shoppers and new creators in full 360 experience where the best of the online platform merges with a real-life experience.” – Source: The guardian


(photograph: TikTok)

Whilst things may never return to the normal we once knew, the world has opened up new exciting possibilities and experiences for us all.