“My first month at Toolbox Marketing” by Matt

June 4th saw me complete my first month with Toolbox Marketing, and it has been beyond my wildest dreams. From Chloe finding me through a hopeful LinkedIn post, where I was resorting to new ways of searching for an opportunity following a year-long hunt, I was finally handed that opportunity. My interview process lasted around 3 weeks, from first contact to Chloe leaving me anxiously waiting for a phone call once I had finished my shift at work, to tell me I had been successful! Safe to say I was straight back on the phone making a few phone calls to spread the good news to my family and the man who helped me Intern for him during the midst of a pandemic. That man being Mark Stuart, the Centre Manager of Whitefriars shopping centre in Canterbury, Kent where I went to University.

Upon arriving at the office on my first day, meeting Chloe as I parked up and Kim as I walked into the office, I could see that I was in a very friendly environment and with people that I could aspire to one day be as good as them. Meeting the rest of the team simply further emphasised those thoughts. It was somewhat nervy, knowing that I would be the only guy in the immediate Toolbox Marketing team, but within minutes I felt comfortable and was assured that I would fit in nicely having a laugh with the team and sharing past experiences from us all. It wasn’t long before I was working on my first social media content plan, which was great considering I was hoping to find a career in Marketing that involved social media elements.

Walking around Bardwell for the first time, it almost felt like home. A small village surrounded by farmland, very much the environment I’d grown up in. Ideal considering I was hired to work based on the location of clients and tasks. I always saw myself as someone who would work better in an office environment surrounded by colleagues that I could lean on, and who I could support in return. It’s been interesting for sure, adjusting to working at home a matter of feet from my bed and in an environment that I would usually see as my chill space. It certainly means I’ll be looking for a house with an office space when it comes to finding my own place! 

The variety of tasks that I have already been set, and knowing there are far more to come really show that this is a job where I will always be kept engaged and active. From visiting clients in Sussex and Kent to announcing a festival headliner for the now unfortunately postponed Bardfest 2021 I can certainly say that the level of variety has been fun. I can’t wait to see what my 2nd month can bring, with my work coming more naturally to me every day, and new workloads coming my way, it’s no time to relax but rather to push on and be the best I can be!

Written by Matt Newman