The return of physical retail

So it’s been a week since non-essential retail and outdoor dining could reopen and what a wonderful week it’s been. 

Aside from UK shopping centre footfall performing at +126.5% week on week and +404.1% year on year, it’s clear that consumers have a desire to return to bricks and mortar stores and destinations. 

At the Swan Shopping Centre, we marked reopening week with an instagrammable balloon display as we welcomed staff and shoppers back. What’s better, we continued the centre’s contribution to reduce their environmental impact by using latex balloons that are 100% biodegradable and decomposes at the same rate as an oak leaf.






At West Orchards Shopping Centre, we marked reopening week with walking billboards, raising awareness of the centre’s safe shopping campaign while giving out free coffees in the form of gift cards to shoppers as consumers walked into the centre.

A great spend driving campaign that helped build loyalty, enhance tenant spend and most importantly, make consumers smile during a week we’ve all been patiently waiting for since Boxing Day 2020.









Written by Nicole Burton