Your reopening checklist


With just one week to go until the reopening of non-essential retail, we want to recap our handy marketing toolkit as it’s now time to BOLT it all together.

  • With 5 weeks to go, it was no longer a DRILL and we provided you with a handy marketing checklist for reopening. Download the full marketing toolkit as a PDF here.
  • With 4 weeks to go, we encouraged you to find out how you measured up by asking your customers questions on your digital channels.
  • With 3 weeks to go, it was time to NAIL your messaging on your online platforms.
  • With 2 weeks to go, it was time to FIX up and look sharp on your digital channels still – but also in centre.
  • With just one week to go until the 12th of April, it’s now time to BOLT all of your marketing efforts together.

If we can help you LEVEL up, even now when we’re in a post-pandemic world when things start to go back to normal – let us know.



FIX up, look sharp

Here are some generic ‘welcome back’ message graphics to reassure your shoppers:

– We’re here for you, when you’re ready
– Shop smart, stay apart
– Stay safe, keep smiling
– Welcome back, we’ve missed you!
– Thank you for shopping safe
– When the time is right, we are here


3 weeks to go – 21 days, 504 hours, 30,240 minutes …

It’s time to NAIL your messaging

From experience and research, messaging needs to be clear and concise. There is a lot of noise and competing messages, so you need to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Here are a few hints and tips you could use to help build your content plan:


4 weeks to go – Hopefully there will be no SPANNERS in the works! Use your digital channels to ask your customers questions about your reopening.

– Identify which channels are best for you
– Ask yourself ‘what do I want to find out?’
– Choose how you will ask your shoppers

Here’s our HANDY marketing toolkit for some inspiration:


This is not a DRILL, your doors will (hopefully) reopen in 5 weeks time to non-essential retail, outdoor dining, gyms and personal care services.

That’s why the Toolbox Marketing team are here to help prepare you for reopening. Contact a member of the team or simply read our HANDY marketing checklist to ensure your ahead of the game:

Download the marketing toolkit as a PDF here.