Get creative for Valentine’s Day at home

February, the winter month that often involves days out with family and friends building a snowman, enjoying pancakes covered in numerous toppings on Shrove Tuesday, and enjoy romantic date nights to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day.

We may all be feeling slightly fed up with being at home, but as our options are limited on going out, we need to get creative and plan a fun Valentine’s Day in. Make it memorable and go all out with the decor, outfits and the food. We’ve listed some fun ideas below (and most of them can be adapted for a treat with friends too!)

Create a home spa

Get creative and plan a full spa day at home! Set out the warm fluffy towels, bathrobe and slippers. Light some aromatherapy candles, play some spa music and plan your spa treatment menu for the day. Don’t forget the snacks!  

Indoor picnic

February isn’t the month to be enjoying a picnic outside, (unless you’re in a warm climate!), so bring the picnic inside – grab your cosy blanket, a bottle of bubbly and your favourite nibbly food.

Plan a board game night

When was the last time you played a board game? Turn off the TV, put your phones in another room and avoid those digital distractions, enjoy one to one time and get competitive over a board game.

Grab your favourite takeaway and enjoy a movie marathon

We all know the hospitality industry has suffered a lot throughout the pandemic, so why not support your local takeaway. Make it extra special by ordering a few extra dishes or ordering your starter, main and dessert from a few different places. Then grab your favourite films and enjoy a movie marathon.

Locate your inner mixologist

We’ve all forgotten what it is like to visit a bar and have someone serve you up your favourite cocktail, so instead shake up a few of your own, turn on the music and dance the night away.

Written by Daniella Sharman