Companies that Care

Over the last year we have seen a big increase in consumer interest for a company’s social and environmental responsibility, most likely brought about to fill the gap of not being able to physically engage with a brand and the additional time to occupy ourselves during lockdown.  But whatever brought on the newfound interest in companies that care, we really hope it is here to stay.  

Consumers are showing a real interest in what a business does behind the scenes rather than just the end product or service.   It is no longer enough to simply have the ‘best’ product, you know need to be showing customers that you are sustainable and have genuine values.  

Since the start of the pandemic, businesses have led the way in their practical responses and moves to cement community ties, often with large financial investments but for consumers, the small interactions matter just as much. 

It is about more than just large donations or empty platitudes, consumers want to see that brands actually care about their staff, customers, suppliers and the environment around them.  The high quality product and affordable prices are no longer the driving force in purchasing decisions. 

Growing a brand amid a pandemic is no easy task, but the coronavirus has given companies the opportunity to step back and review their ESG strategy, to ensure that they go beyond simply offering the best product at the best price. 

Here at Toolbox Group our ESG strategy is something of extreme importance to us and the mindset drives everything that we do across our whole business.   At Christmas we decided to spread festive cheer and goodwill by supporting local charity Suffolk Mind and donated the money that would have been spent on our Christmas celebrations to the mental health charity.  Read more about the donation here.  We also like to donate our time and knowledge to help support local small businesses and charities whenever we can.  Check out this case study on how we helped the local church.

Written by Kim Dodd