The Great Debate – 2020 Christmas tv adverts

It’s that time of year again, the eagerly awaited Christmas ad showdown. That moment when the brightly lit Coca-Cola truck fills our screens, that moment when we all shed a tear for Excitable Edgar, the underdog triumphs, and Christmas is saved. That’s the moment we feel like Christmas is on its way, and let’s face it, we are all in need of some festive cheer, 2020 has been a shocker!

So here’s Liana’s round-up on this year’s clash of the titans; 


Tesco is the reassuring voice of reason that we all want to hear. Draw a line under the ‘bad stuff’ this year and treat yourself! We hear each character’s inner monologue as they worry about what (poignant matters) might put them on the naughty list this Christmas. One character divulges they may have purchased too many rolls of toilet paper. “Me too!” “And me” others chimed in which brings a great sense of being ‘in it together’. There was some negative press (according to the Sun) about tired parents demanding the ad was recalled because they can’t bribe kids with a naughty list – well, you can never keep everyone happy and the ad should be enjoyed for what it is, light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek festive fun, a break from the doom and gloom of 2020.

Coca Cola

Directed by Oscar-Winner Taika Waititi, this ad oozes cinematic opulence. The moral of the story is there are some things money can’t buy. People put so much significance on what to buy loved ones and how much to spend, but actually, the gift that holds the highest value is your time. The story is thoughtfully told with a hard-working parent and a child who just wants her Dad home for Christmas. There is very little product-placement, just the coca-cola truck that we have all come to love. Oh… and a cameo by none other than Father Christmas himself!

John LewisI

was disappointed. There. I said it. Every year John Lewis reduces the nation to warm, fuzzy tears with their famous Christmas ads. I’ve loved them all. The last few years I have heard many a murmuring that the current year wasn’t as good as the last blah, blah, blah. But I am a loyal JL fan and wasn’t going to readily jump on the bandwagon. Until this year. It just felt a bit flat. Missing that something special that stirs your soul.The sentiment is nice. Give a little love. The story goes full circle with acts of kindness. it’s nice. The animations are nice. I was expecting more than ‘nice’ John Lewis.


Kevin’s back! Hooray, we all say! A bizarre concept, initially, but one that’s grabbed the heart of the nation. A similar storyline to past Aldi Christmas ads, Kevin prevails in spite of adversity, but it’s reliable, feel-good, and Christmassy. Aldi has capitalised on the success, familiarity, and likeability of Kevin the Carrot. A classic case of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’