The little city that comes to you!

Little City is just that, a Little City for your children.

It is an entirely mobile role play city for the under 5’s to explore, discover and enjoy!  Utilising bespoke backdrops and specially selected high-quality toys and equipment, children can fully immerse themselves in their own world.

Children are our biggest observers: they have watched us as adults go to the supermarket, post letters in the Post Office and style our hair.  At Little City they can ‘be’ grown ups: where nothing is off limits, they can be the hairdresser, the mechanic, the builder, the café owner and much, much more.

Normally they set the city up in village halls, community centres and church halls, but we have partnered with them to bring this exciting new concept to your shopping centre!

How it works…

  • Little City registered-design City set is built within an hour. 
  • There will be two members of staff who are DBS checked, Paediatric First Aid trained and fully insured.
  • The play sessions are for 30 minutes.  With 30 minutes cleaning sessions in between each session.  
  • During that time, the play is entirely child-led and you’ll notice we purposely don’t set out chairs or tables for adults to sit at – we want to and actively encourage you to get involved too!
  • The sessions are booked in advance, the price is per child playing: non-walkers and adults are free! 
  • Price depends on location but it would be around £3/4 per child. 
  • Children up to the age of 6 are welcome.
  • 30 people per session (including non-walkers).
  • Little City would be open from 10am – 4pm. 

What you need…

An empty unit! 

It needs to be:

  • At least 12m x 8m
  • In a useable condition (with lighting, heating, power supply, no dusty floor, etc)
  • Have access for unloading and loading equipment 
  • Ideally have space for a buggy park nearby 
  • Be available on a weekend 

Plus you need to:

  • Agree to promote the event using the toolkit provided

We are COVID safe!

To read all about our safety measures click on the link below for the full Little City Proposal.


Then download the full proposal here or get in touch