The magic of Christmas!

Here at Toolbox HQ we LOVE Christmas!  It is a magical time of year, no matter how old you are!  This year we have been planning COVID safe Christmas events with the team and discussing some of our previous Christmas activities over the last 20 years – what fantastic festive memories we have!   So we decided to share our favourite things about Christmas events to get everyone in the festive mood after all it’s only 85 days until the big day!

1. Let there be light! 

You can’t beat that feeling when everyone is gathered round, no matter how cold it is, to see the lights go on.   Such fantastic community spirit as everyone gathers around for Christmas to officially start!

2. Grottos

We love the look of excitement on children’s faces as they wait for their turn to enter the grotto, the anticipation to meet Father Christmas and find out whether their name is on the nice list is just so adorable. 

3. Christmas Parades

The atmosphere as a whole host of festive cheer parades through a shopping centre is amazing and such a great way to ensure the whole centre gets to join in the experience. 

4.  The big man himself! 

It’s not Christmas without Father Christmas, it doesn’t matter whether he is in grotto or posing for selfies as long as the little ones get to see him. 

5. Traditions

The traditional experiences are so much fun, from Elf Schools to Breakfast with Santa it is all about creating that magical moment for the little ones. 

6. Christmas with twist 

As much as we love all the traditional parts of Christmas we also enjoy thinking outside the box and coming up with unusual Christmas events that provide a different reason to visit. 

7. Being extra! 

Christmas is the perfect excuse to go OTT and we don’t need telling twice! 

8. Christmas Markets 

Nothing makes it feel like Christmas more than a festive market, especially when it’s dark outside and your enjoying a mulled wine as your mingle through the stalls. 

9. Celebrity Switch Ons

You can’t be a celeb to draw in the crowds and we have met a fair few of them over the years – some more down to earth than others (naming no names!).

10.  Christmas characters 

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without festive friends spreading cheer – from polar bears to penguins and everything in between!  

If you would like to discuss how to make your Christmas COVID safe without compromising on the festive fun then get in touch and we can start working our magic.