Placemaking – what you need to know


You may think that in these difficult economic times, you can’t afford to invest time and money on placemaking. We disagree! We believe now it is even more important than ever to invest in creating and developing special places for your community. The coronavirus pandemic has seen people across the country show kindness and has brought communities together to support each other in this time of uncertainty. By providing a place that the community can connect with, as a central location to unite, really strengthens that bond and in turn making that place, the heart of the community.

Over recent years the retail sector has faced many challenges, including internet shopping, declining footfall, increasing costs and now the implications of COVID-19, all of which have had a huge effect on our high streets and towns. The retail line up looks very different now to how it did a decade ago, with an increase in empty units and many shopping destinations in need of reinvention. By making simple changes we can help you to rejuvenate these places into destinations that customers will want to visit, where they will be able to enjoy experiences, whilst feeling relaxed in the knowledge that they are safe as we make our return to the new normal. We believe it is really important to use public spaces as a platform to demonstrate community spirit and togetherness, and as a canvas to share positive messages of thanks to key workers.

Placemaking at Kronen, Copenhagen
A new mixed-use scheme, which was to be the new town centre of the up-and-coming Copenhagen suburb of Vanløse, required an experienced strategic marketing specialist to assist in developing the brand and communications from day one through the opening and beyond. A failed attempt by the previous owner to develop the scheme had left a lot of negativity. Read more >>

Repositioning at Castle Quarter, Norwich
Castle Mall was challenged by the changing face of retail, shopping habits and fierce competition resulting in many vacant units. As a result, the centre started on a path of evolution to become ‘The number 1 mixed-use destination for Leisure, Entertainment and Shopping in Norwich’. Read more >>

Creating a new brand at Quartier Bleu, Belgium
Quartier Bleu is a new state of the art, mixed-use scheme on the beautiful waterfront in Hasselt in Belgium. We were appointed in November 2019 to help to create a brand for the scheme that the community would want to be a part of from day one. Read more >>

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