Making Letting Units CREATIVE!

With a minimum of 16% of units lying empty across the country, finding and securing new tenants can be a challenging task for property managers. Cue Toolbox Marketing:

Pretty Windows

It’s hard to picture your dream unit from the outside of a property. Walking past an empty unit doesn’t exactly convince you to invest in a business space. That’s why we ensure window vinyls are designed and installed to display eye-catching possibilities.

Creative Visuals…

The inside matters too! Ever heard the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words?’ – we provide creative, fun visuals that help showcase the inside of your empty unit to help show it’s true potential. 

Video Content

The fun doesn’t stop there. We also create letting videos that highlight key features and a true visual of your empty unit. A quick and simple video of facilities can be used in conjunction with social media to help create excitement and in turn, generate interest.

Leasing Brochures

In a technology-driven world, companies are still using brochures. Why? Leasing brochures are a quick and easy solution to convey your important letting details. We’ve lost count of the letting brochures we’ve delivered for our clients but we make them extra engaging so people want to read them!