Supporting & Managing Occupiers Through Mallcomm

As the reopening process continues, it is now more important than ever for your team and occupiers to feel supported. Join our Mallcomm experts in this short webinar, which will provide you with valuable insights into the best practices when using Mallcomm to manage and support your occupiers as we continue to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

The key to successfully encouraging customers to return to locations is clear, concise communication. The Toolbox Marketing team have been carrying out surveys and working closely with our clients to understand consumers and we have quickly learned that shoppers want information sent to them in a clear, easy to read format which gives them the information they need to plan their trip. 

Far fewer customers are simply ‘popping out’ to the shops and browsing, people are now taking time to seek out information and plan their days to ensure they feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

This is being recognised as the decline of spontaneity and the rise of the itinerary, with consumers seeking out the ability to book their entire day out before they leave the house.

A key factor to bear in mind is that all locations will be trying to distribute these messages to consumers, but it is those who do it the most effectively who will benefit.

So how can this be achieved?

By utilising key B2C messaging channels, centres can get this information straight to their customers fingertips – the Mallcomm B2C app functionality, which can be added to any Mallcomm solution, is a perfect example of this as it enables locations to provide all the req’d information to help build consumer confidence, provide reasons to visit and create a desire to shop in a physical space as opposed to from their sofa.

In a recent survey of 269 people, we discovered that when looking for key information and updates from their favourite brands and venues, 68% would look to Social Media and 30% would visit relevant websites.

To help enforce this messaging and provide consumer confidence when visiting locations, the Toolbox Marketing team have worked with clients to create bespoke, branded signage as well as introducing innovative digital-based campaigns which support occupiers by encouraging increased footfall and spend over longer periods of time.

In a recent survey of 162 people, we found that only 7% of consumers who would consider dining out were concerned about their financial situation, which shows us that largely, consumers are still prepared to spend – locations just need to prove that they provide a safe environment for consumers to do so.

Watch the full video here.