How to drive sales through virtual events

Our recent consumer research showed that only 42% of people would consider dining out and just 36% of people would be returning to physical shops in the near future.  This shows that the thought of crowded places is clearly still daunting.  However, people are looking for experiences and entertainment options that are safe to partake in – cue virtual events.We have the perfect idea to not only fill that gap but to drive sales too!


ShopFest is a virtual month-long festival that offers our shoppers an exciting lineup of summer fun. Visitors to the festival will be able to roam around the virtual grounds via a digital map, to play games, watch tutorials and demonstrations, listen to music, join workshops and get style inspiration. 

Digital Games

Gamification engages audiences because it increases excitement, anticipation and competition.  By hosting games on your website, it will provide a reason for shoppers to return on a regular basis to play the game. This in turn provides the opportunity to remind them of all the great reasons to visit your destination. 

Online Events

According to an Ofcom study carried out this year the average Briton now checks a mobile phone every 12 minutes and is online for 24 hours a week, with a quarter of the population spending more than 40 hours a week online.  This means now more than ever, the need for ways to engage with our audience online is essential. 


Simply having an online presence is not enough, it is important to regularly engage with our audience and to continually enhance their experience, in turn building a strong relationship.  Creating fun competitions that offer customers rewards for their engagement will build relationships that last. 

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