The future is local: 3 ways to encourage footfall

As F&B and leisure operators start to reopen their doors, we have to think strategically about how we encourage consumers to visit our schemes. Will they continue to shop in the same way as pre-lockdown?

The short answer is NO! As shopping habits have changed, we need to be realistic and provide a strategy that makes consumers want to return to our destinations. 47.6% of shoppers are cautious about leaving their homes and visiting crowded spaces; therefore, we need to provide places that encourage our shoppers to want to visit. 

Making a place
We believe in connecting people with places and now this is even more important than ever.  Our team are experts in building loyal audiences through creative community engagement. We can activate under used public spaces to project a positive image, develop your brand and create something different that makes you stand out.

Influencer Marketing
Standing out on social media is harder than ever in today’s saturated market. This is why finding local influencers to represent your brand is such a great marketing tool to help increase brand awareness in a subtle fashion. But how? The hardest part is finding the right influencer that represents your brand.  We pride ourselves on conducting thorough market research before we approach our influencers to ensure they fit the brand. 

Do you have vacant units? 
We can help you activate them! Our experienced team has plenty of exciting ideas to transform your space into an engaging community area.   We are already seeing the effects of the pandemic with several shops not reopening their doors after lockdown, and unfortunately with the rise in online shopping, it isn’t going to be an easy task encouraging people back into the bricks and mortar stores.