Our Survey results – will you dine straight away?

Prime Minister, Borris Johnson, confirmed that on July 4, restaurants, cafés and pubs can reopen – but will you choose to visit straight away? We’ve been busy finding out consumer opinions on dining out and where they will be going.

It’s a conversation many of us have savoured during lockdown: where are we going to eat, and what are we going to eat, when restaurants eventually open their doors? Interestingly, 42% of consumers said they will be returning to restaurants and cafés from July 4th, 28% said they’re unsure and only 30% said that they will not return yet. Consumers further explained they would be visiting a variety of places, including: restaurants (44.8%), coffee shops (24.1%), pubs (24.1%) and fast food operators (3.5%).

What are your concerns?

A high 82.2% of consumers said they do have concerns about returning to restaurants, cafés and pubs. The main concerns display:

  • Social distancing measures in-store ( 75.6%)
  • Rate of infection (53.7%)
  • Cleanliness of venue (63.4%)

Technology plays a crucial role

Digital technologies have played a crucial part throughout the duration of lockdown to help the community stay connected and protected. We predict technology will continue to help brands as they start to reopen their doors (offering app service orders and augmented reality services). A high 42% of consumers who took part in our survey said they would prefer to order their food & drink via an app.

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