Consumer experiences, following the social distancing rules

A new trend alert! We’ve seen many brands creatively thinking of ideas to provide consumer experiences during the COVID-19 outbreak. Consumers will soon be able to enjoy the cinema experience again while adhering to social distancing rules with a new drive-in movie theatre opening. Consumers are able to tune their car radio to hear the sound of the film and the best part.. you CAN bring your own popcorn!

The fun doesn’t stop there. A restaurant in the Netherlands is now providing small greenhouse spaces so consumers can still eat out and enjoy date night while still following social distancing measures.

Another great trend we’ve seen emerge is at-home outdoor cinemas. As we’re unable to indulge in leisure activities, create your own at home! This couple have recreated the cinema experience all from the comfort of their garden. To host this romantic garden date all you will need is:

  1. Projector
  2. Pillows and blankets
  3. Snacks
  4. A good film choice (we vote Disney)